A Message from Mary Mancini – Feb. 23, 2019

State Representative David Byrd has been credibly accused of sexually abusing three former high school basketball players, who were aged 15 to 16 at the time. He even apologized to one victim.

But now he’s gotten a promotion – to chair the Tennessee House Education Administration Subcommittee.

Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada gave Byrd the job, and has gone to bat for him over the accusations. He has called Byrd’s victims “fake news.” Glen Casada needs to hear our voices loud and clear.

Send a message to Speaker Casada now, and tell him Byrd must resign.SPEAK UP

Just this week, a video captured Casada standing by Byrd, saying “If I was raped, I would move [out of town].”

This is unacceptable. We cannot have leaders who scoff at accusations and refuse to believe survivors, representing women and children in Tennessee – let alone chairing the Education Committee, which makes decisions affecting all children in this State.

We have to make Casada hear us loud and clear: Sexual assault is serious, and someone who has been repeatedly accused of abusing underage girls has no place making policy decisions for children.

Record a message to stand up for survivors, and get David Byrd out of power, and away from education.

Recording your message takes only 2 minutes, and we provide instructions that are easy to follow. If each of us records a video, we’ll be sending a powerful message Casada can’t ignore: Enough is Enough for abusers in power!


Mary Mancini

Chair, Tennessee Democratic Party

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