A Message from Mary Mancini July 16 2018

“We’ll be blunt: We’re experiencing a crisis, and the world is watching. The fight to maintain our democracy is going to take everything we’ve got.
President Trump made it clear this morning that his loyalties lie with a hostile foreign power who attacked our country, rather than with the men and women of the intelligence community who work hard and put themselves in danger to keep us safe and free.
The president, and Tennessee Congressional Republicans like Diane Black and Marsha Blackburn who are supposed to have our back, are unwilling to stand up for and protect America from Putin’s Russia — so we must hold them accountable by showing up in droves at the polls.
Republican leaders have a choice: hold this president accountable for blaming America for Russia’s history of aggression and adversarial behavior or stand with this president and send a message that it’s fine for a foreign power to attack Americans.
If our U.S. representatives and senators won’t actively hold this president accountable, we’ll elect leaders who will. But we need your help to get every voter to the polls.
Will you give what you can today to help us get every possible Democrat to the polls on November 6?
November can’t come soon enough.
Thank you for your support”
— Mary Mancini
Chair, Tennessee Democratic Party

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