America, America…

America, America…

Change is gonna come.America is a nation of great contradiction: slavery & freedom…black & white…rich & poor…joy & pain. Among these, there is none more apparent and at the same time more elusive than that of race. One the other hand, our songs, and the stories that surround them offer vivid insight into the mood of the times and represent a crucial ingredient in movements uniting people in their struggle for progress, unity and betterment. They also highlight our gradual and sometimes spectacular triumphs over racism and class discrimination.

Equal parts live performance and lecture, A Change Is Gonna Come: Musical Journeys Through American Race Relations is a unique way of experiencing the impact of music on American culture, identity and social progress. Through his wealth of experience working with groups of all ages and his unique blend of Down and Dirty Blues, Socially Conscious Soul, and Spirit Fueled Gospel Music, cultural activist and musician Eric Dozier takes you on a journey as he shines a light at the crossroads of music and American race relations by performing songs and discussing key musical figures and themes from the Abolitionists, Civil Rights, labor & anti-war movements , as well as other contemporary voices of change both within the US and internationally. By the end, participants understand what it means to be an active and creative advocate of diversity and equity imbued with a renewed sense of mission and commitment to being the change they wish to see.

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