America owes Al Gore an apology

From DailyKos by rslack

I’ve been thinking about Al Gore lately.

Al Gore

I remember when Gore stood before Congress and gaveled in the proceedings that certified his election loss. He was repeatedly forced overrule the objections from fellow Democrats incensed at the disenfranchisement of African-American voters in Broward County. He had won the popular vote by over 500,000–yet there he stood, stoically presiding over his own defeat. It must have been the longest 90 minutes of Gore’s life.

The Bush campaign had relentlessly tagged Gore as a pathological liar, most famously accusing him of claiming to have invented the internet. The label stuck. The ever-compliant media was happy to play along, filling the airwaves with parodies of Gore’s supposed fibbing.

Rarely discussed was the reality that Gore never even remotely claimed any such thing. This is the quote that the Bush campaign managed to transform into “I invented the internet:”

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