Corruption Isn’t Just Another Scandal. It’s the Rot Beneath All of Them.

From Mother Jones


We’re a long way from done processing the Mueller report—or, given how much has been redacted, from knowing what it really says. But one thing that’s clear now is that the questions it leaves open are about a lot more than the Russia scandal. They are about whether, with enough money and power, you can get away with undermining democracy and twisting the rule of law.

As our colleague Dan Friedman points out today, the report shows that President Trump used the authority of his office to prevent Mueller from coming to conclusions on many of the biggest issues. And it documents, to a degree we would find shocking if there were anything left we find shocking, that Trump deceived Americans time and again to further his financial and political interests. Consider this passage: “During the 2016 campaign…[Trump denied] any business involvement in Russia—even though the Trump Organization had pursued a business project in Russia as late as June 2016.” 

That’s Mueller calling Trump out for lying. Flat out. Yet this president has been so successful in resetting the bar for scandal, it barely rated an “eh” from much of the political establishment.

MoJo Washington Bureau Chief David Corn calls this the “white tablecloth problem”: When you spill red wine on a clean tablecloth, it’s obvious and embarrassing. Spill on a tablecloth covered in stains and oh well, what’s one more?

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