Labor Day 2019 – Mary Mancini

Mary Mancini It’s Labor Day 2019. And since there are no off years for Democrats, it’s a good weekend to get active, celebrate the contributions of the labor movement, and remember that we deserve and must seek out leaders who will have our back.

We deserve and must seek leaders who will side with working families instead of relying on race-based strategies of division to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

We deserve and must seek leaders who will embrace our Tennessee values that we look out for each other – whether we’re white, black or brown, tenth generation or newcomer. Our leaders must have our back.

We deserve and must seek leaders who understand we are all Tennesseans who want the same things – a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, access to affordable health care, an education that fits our vision for a better future, an affordable place to live, and a secure and dignified retirement.

And today we must remind each other of what the labor movement has meant to the United States and when workers have a seat at the table, they have the power to make the economy work for more Tennesseans.

  — Mary Mancini
Chair, Tennessee Democratic Party

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