Signs of global warming everywhere; we can work to fix it 1

By Jinx Watson

The blackberries are two weeks early this year. The tropical-like rains will rot the cabbages we planted unless we pick them now. The children haven’t used their sleds in 3-4 years.

For me, this is pretty good evidence of climate change right here in Roane County. So, this feels insurmountable, like one of those issues that’s impossible for just one individual to tackle.

But, I wonder, on a person-by-person, day-by-day basis, whether we could slowly turn this ship around?

Using our own re-usable bags for groceries would begin to curtail the tons of plastic we use and dump in the landfill; refusing to use plastic straws and shunning the use of Styrofoam containers would lighten the load of plastics that cannot be recycled but end up in the Tennessee River each year.

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