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Roane Democrats
Roane Democrats
These images are a triumph of human curiosity, engineering, genius, and passion. They are not only gorgeous but also incredibly scientifically important. And the goal to learn more about our universe invariably results in spin-off technologies that improve human life — innovations that frankly likely wouldn’t have been developed in our lifetimes otherwise.

We can and must empower ever-greater understanding of our world by championing public institutions like NASA.

Again, there is a link in the comments regarding spin-off technologies to help people see the crucially important, real-world benefits of supporting scientific research in general and of NASA in particular.

Please share the links!

Go Webb!
Roane Democrats
Roane Democrats
If you're free at 10:30 AM Eastern time, check out this feed for the first batch of full-color images from the James Webb telescope!

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NASA continues to illustrate the power of public institutions through its discoveries, its engineering, its spin-off technologies, and its ability to inspire all those who aspire to make the world a better place. The innovative use of kapton for the sun shield is awe-inspiring alone. A link to NASA's page on the over 2000 spin-off technologies it has created *so far* is included in a comment below.