RCDP Monthly Meeting 2

The next meeting of the Roane County Democratic Party is March 9th 2018 at 7:00 pm at the at the Greenwood School in Kingston. This is an open meeting and all Roane County Democrats are invited to attend. Sherry Paris will be speaking on the Family Promise community program.  

No, he never asked us to stop future election interference- by digby   Recently updated !

“I wrote about yesterday’s intelligence hearing for Salon this morning: Tuesday’s televised annual Global Threat Hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee seemed like a rare and special event. What used to be considered routine and ordinary in American political life — open hearings with government officials testifying about the issues […]

Union membership holds steady in the South

By Chris KrommFebruary 2, 2018 Despite losing two high-profile organizing campaigns in 2017 — at Boeing’s factory in South Carolina and a Nissan plant in Mississippi — labor unions gained 130,000 members from the Southern workforce last year. Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in January shows that […]

Doctors raise concerns over Gov. Bill Haslam’s opioid proposal

from the Tennessean […The organization makes several recommendations, including limiting dispensing instead of prescribing. It suggests limiting initial filling of prescriptions at pharmacies to seven days. Another recommendation the group makes is requiring insurance companies to pay for non-opioid pain management treatments. Similar recommendations have been made in others states, […]


Team Trump Just Blew Its Cover

by John R. Schindler John Schindler is a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. Read his full bio here. In a recent column I noted how President Donald Trump seemingly can bend time in a near-supernatural fashion. Our commander-in-chief’s “fine-honed ability to make days seem like […]

TNDP Chair Statement on Donald Trump’s State of the Union

Tennessee (January 30, 2018) – Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party released the following statement prior to the State of the Union: “Democrats believe that every American – no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they live – should have the opportunity for a […]

TNDP-Tennessee Democratic Party

TNDP Newsletter January 18, 2018

Tennessee is not as red as the Republicans want us to think. A recent Vanderbilt University Poll sponsored by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions found that Tennesseans rated their fellow voters as much more conservative than they actually are. In other words, perception is not reality. The […]