RCDP Monthly Meeting 2   Recently updated !

THURSDAY, July 12 at 7 pm at the Greenwood School, Greenwood St., we will convene for a Membership Meeting; our speaker is Jinx Watson on community meals.. The Purpose of a Membership Meeting: to provide an engaging setting where Democrats can work together to engage visitors to keep them coming […]

TNDP-Tennessee Democratic Party

A note from Mary Mancini   Recently updated !

Nashville, Tn – Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini  Democrats have stepped up in record numbers this year. Here’s what the November elections look like, by the numbers: 100+ spectacular state legislature candidates 16 fantastic congressional candidates 2 remarkable gubernatorial candidates 1 formidable U.S. Senate candidate and 1,000s of fired-up […]

Election Season is Here!

“Let’s get ready for the next elections! We have good data showing over 4,000 Folks in Roane County voted as Democrats in our last election. Let’s get those folks and the 10,000 who didn’t vote energized for our great Democratic candidates! This is not a sleepy election coming up! We […]

Blue Wave


May 15, 2018 By Rebecca Solnit A lot of people are waiting for something dramatic to happen, some line to be crossed, an epic event like the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller III that will allow them to say that now we have had a coup and now we […]