State of the Union 2022

TNDP Statement on Overturning of Roe V. Wade

For Immediate Release June 24, 2022: Contact: Brit Bender, Executive Director Tennessee Democratic Party 319 Plus Park Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217 Office: (615) 327-9779 Tennessee Abortion Ban Puts Millions Of Lives In Danger With a ruling decided on...

Release: TN SoS Offers TNDP “Incomplete” Voter File

For Immediate Release April 6, 2022: Contact: Brit Bender, Executive Director Tennessee Democratic Party 319 Plus Park Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217 Office: (615) 327-9779 Tennessee Secretary of State Offers Tennessee Democratic Party “Incomplete” Voter...


ROANE COUNTY “BLUES” QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER March, 2022 MEETINGS: Second Thursday at 7 pm at Greenwood School, Kingston, TN TO BECOME ACTIVE IN OUR CHAPTER, please contact Susan Garrott at  WE WELCOME YOU! APRIL IS FOOD BASKET COLLECTION...


From Maria Brewer Director of Party Affairs Tennessee Democratic Party (she/her) Dear Democrats- Please read and share this with every Democrat who wants to make a difference in Tennessee this year!  Because, we're not coming to you asking for money.  Actually, we're...

Emergency Live-Stream

ALL interested in Tennessee's public schools need to take action. PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE ALREADY UNDER FUNDED! The governor's plan to funnel money from public schools to charter schools could get passed. The legislators supporting this move need to hear from teachers,...

Extend Broadband in Roane County Opportunity

Subject: Extend Broadband Internet in Roane County--Contact Your RC Commissioner before 2/14/22 Vote Roane County Commission Votes Monday, February 14, 2022 to Fund Extending Broadband Service in Roane County. Basically Comcast and VEC are looking for approximately...

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Meeting at 7:00 PM
2nd Thursday of each month at
The Greenwood School
726 Greenwood St.
Kingston, TN



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These images are a triumph of human curiosity, engineering, genius, and passion. They are not only gorgeous but also incredibly scientifically important. And the goal to learn more about our universe invariably results in spin-off technologies that improve human life — innovations that frankly likely wouldn’t have been developed in our lifetimes otherwise.

We can and must empower ever-greater understanding of our world by championing public institutions like NASA.

Again, there is a link in the comments regarding spin-off technologies to help people see the crucially important, real-world benefits of supporting scientific research in general and of NASA in particular.

Please share the links!

Go Webb!