No, he never asked us to stop future election interference- by digby

“I wrote about yesterday’s intelligence hearing for Salon this morning: Tuesday’s televised annual Global Threat Hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee seemed like a rare and special event. What used to be considered routine and ordinary in American political life — open hearings with government officials testifying about the issues […]

Team Trump Just Blew Its Cover

by John R. Schindler John Schindler is a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. Read his full bio here. In a recent column I noted how President Donald Trump seemingly can bend time in a near-supernatural fashion. Our commander-in-chief’s “fine-honed ability to make days seem like […]

Standing Up for Science: Notes from the Field

The February issue of San Francisco Magazine on shelves today is titled “Resistance,” and features stories of politicians, lawyers, activists…even scientists who are involved in challenging some of the early actions of the Trump administration. My colleague, Jimmy O’Dea, and I are both featured with other scientists who attended the […]