Karl Dean, the former mayor of Nashville and candidate for Governor of the great state of Tennessee, will be in Kingston at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, March 24 at the Greenwood School, 726 Greenwood St. We hope to see everyone there!

from Karl Dean’s website:

[..I decided to run for Governor of Tennessee because I think we need to bring economic opportunity to every Tennessean. Tennessee is a great state that is poised to continue moving forward if we focus on the right priorities. As Governor, I want to create opportunity for all Tennesseans, regardless of where they live, and that starts with education and jobs.

Having managed a city through the Great Recession and a historic flood, I learned that problem-solving doesn’t begin with one person. I also know there is no Democratic or Republican solution to problems. It begins with all of us working together and that’s the foundation on which we’re going to build this campaign.

A good job and a great education are not rural or urban issues, they are Tennessee issues. As governor, I will not rest until a good job, thriving business, and quality education are the standard in Tennessee…]

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