Target Your Legislators to Do Something About Gun Violence

Following the school shooting in Nashville last March, parents organized for action to reduce gun violence, the number one killer of children. The Tennessee General Assembly is expected to enter a special session to focus on firearm safety laws beginning on August 21, 2023.

If you believe our children deserve a safer Tennessee, then contact your district Senator and Representative to pass solutions to reduce firearm deaths, including:

(1) Temporary transfer of firearms law, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders or Red Flag laws. A large majority of Tennesseans support laws that allow firearms to be temporarily removed from individuals who pose a risk to themselves or others.

(2) Safe gun storage law that require guns to be locked in unaccompanied vehicles. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Tennessee now leads the nation in the number of firearms stolen from vehicles.

(3) Expand background checks to all gun sales. Federal law does not include unlicensed sellers who sale guns online or at gun shows. Tennessee needs to take action to close this loophole.

Our state is currently at a pivotal point and the time to Act is Now! Call, email or write your legislators and urge them to pass gun safety laws. Also, complete the online form below and tell Governor Bill Lee to do something about gun violence.

Use the link below to submit your comments by August 18: