From Maria Brewer
Director of Party Affairs
Tennessee Democratic Party
Dear Democrats-
Please read and share this with every Democrat who wants to make a difference in Tennessee this year! 
Because, we’re not coming to you asking for money. 
Actually, we’re asking for something much deeper and more lasting than that: A piece of your hearth and home, shared for a time with a TNDP staff member.
We are gathering a list of supporter housing locations: the homes of Democrats all over Tennessee with an available room where an organizer can stay so that as our hard-working organizers are hired and come to help us register and mobilize voters, they have a place to put their heads to sleep, get a cup of coffee in the morning, clean up and rest at the end of a long day!
And we want to celebrate Sue DuBois of Blount County who has already signed up to share her guest room and make a place for an organizer! Thank you so much Sue! Read more to find out exactly what she is getting herself into and how you can get involved too!
So if you have a place to share, just fill out the form below and you will be part of the road to TAKE BACK TENNESSEE! Thank you!
But don’t forget- if you don’t have a guest room, someone else does and we need YOU to forward this email so we can find them!

What is supporter housing? Supporter housing gives organizing staff a place to live while they work in your community. Our organizers are being recruited from all over the state and the country, so providing housing to them is necessary and helps us attract the best organizers to work in TN. These people won’t need much space and will always behave in a professional and polite manner living in your household. From the moment you first say hello to  the final vote cast, these people will be working hard to ensure we register voters and get them to the polls all over Tennessee!

CLICK for an info sheet you can download and share.

Supporter Housing Form Fill out this form and send it to others who want to share available support housing!