Send an urgent letter to your swing Senator: Block Scott Pruitt from heading the EPA

Donald Trump’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency is a politician who doesn’t believe in climate change, wants the E.P.A. to be dismantled, and has sued the agency multiple times. And he has deep ties to the fossil fuel industry.

We need to be able to trust that the EPA will protect our air, water, land and health. If Scott Pruitt has worked so closely with polluters (even suing the EPA with active assistance from the oil companies), how can we trust that he will protect our health and safety?

The U.S. Senate will vote on Scott Pruitt’s confirmation any day, and it will come down to eight Republican Senators. You live in a state with at least one of these Senators.

Please send a personalized message to your Senator(s), urging them to reject Scott Pruitt. A wide coalition of allies will ensure that your messages are delivered.

Coalition members: Advocacy Commons, Clean Water Action, Daily Kos, EDF Action, Friends of the Earth Action, People Demanding Action, and The Nation

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