Good Day, Neighbor!

This note isn’t coming from a national or state office – it’s coming right from your neighbors in the Roane County Democratic Party!

Here’s our message: As of today, early voting is WAY down – far fewer folks have voted than at the last midterm. BUT this !!year, there’s so much more at stake.

The very heart & soul of our democratic government system is being challenged: who can vote, how we can vote, how our votes are counted, whether or not a “win” is really a “win” and so many more challenges that undermine our constitutional government.

Feels like about 30% of our population is trying to divide us and stall progress. Meanwhile, 70% feels left out and ineffective. YOUR VOTE CAN ROCK THE BOAT!!!!

NOW, today, we each can make a difference by CASTING OUR VOTE. It’s one of those rare times that a tiny blue dot in a red county might tip the outcome, for real!

Please vote, get your family to vote and get your friends to exercise their freedom to influence our government! Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans can unite to make a big difference.

We can do it!

Sincerely, your neighbors in the Roane County Democrats