Tennessee (January 30, 2018) – Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party released the following statement prior to the State of the Union:

“Democrats believe that every American – no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they live – should have the opportunity for a better life for themselves and their family. When American families hear President Trump give the State of the Union address tonight, most of them will not know what country he is talking about. The real state of the union is that despite some families doing very well, too many lack the opportunity for a better life. Too many can’t afford to fix their broken car or even buy a small house because they are living on 40-hour work week wages that don’t cover food, rent, the electric bill, and medical expenses. Donald Trump’s America is not the America we all know and love. Donald Trump’s America is not the America that ensures that if you work hard you can make a better life for yourself and your family. Democrats believe in a different America. Democrats believe in an America in which we should build up access to the American ideal for all, and not just a few.