Signs of global warming everywhere; we can work to fix it 1

By Jinx Watson The blackberries are two weeks early this year. The tropical-like rains will rot the cabbages we planted unless we pick them now. The children haven’t used their sleds in 3-4 years. For me, this is pretty good evidence of climate change right here in Roane County. So, […]

Corruption Isn’t Just Another Scandal. It’s the Rot Beneath All of Them.

From Mother Jones MONIKA BAUERLEIN AND CLARA JEFFERY APRIL 24, 2019 We’re a long way from done processing the Mueller report—or, given how much has been redacted, from knowing what it really says. But one thing that’s clear now is that the questions it leaves open are about a lot more than the […]

Gloria Johnson To Speak at Women’s Club

Gloria Johnson, a Democrat representing Knoxville’s District 13, will be the guest speaker at the Monday, June 24, meeting of the Anderson County Democratic Women’s Club. The group will meet at 6 p.m. at The Other One, a deli at 178 Randolph Road in Grove Center, Oak Ridge. Johnson, who served […]

Gloria Johnson

Roane County NAACP Monthly Meeting

NAACP Monthly Meeting – Joe Eskridge 865-882-5545 Great News! Mary Mancini, chair of the TNDP, will be speaking at this NAACP meeting on Monday, June 3 at 7 pm at the Greenwood School. Everyone is welcome, please be there!

3 Star Dinner – Mary Mancini

The Tennessee Democratic Party 2019 THREE STAR DINNER is just three weeks away! The TNDP Three Star Dinner is the premiere yearly Tennessee Democratic Party rally and fundraising event and brings together Democrats from across the state, Mountain City to Memphis. The importance of this night cannot be overstated as […]

Does Anyone Actually Want Joe Biden to Be President?

From the New York TimesBy Jill Filipovic Contributing Opinion Writer The most important requirement for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee? Electability. It matters more, we keep hearing, than nominating a candidate who has good policies. It matters more than nominating a candidate with a track record of passing progressive legislation. It […]

3 Star Dinner Keynote – U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema!

EXCITING NEWS! U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema will be the keynote speaker at the Tennessee Democratic Party’s 2019 Three Star Dinner on June 22! The Three Star Dinner is the premiere Tennessee Democratic Party rally and fundraising event and brings together Democrats from Mountain City to Memphis. Read more.

All On the Line – Eric Holder

Please Watch the Video: “AG Eric Holder on WNYC’s The Stakes” “Get out there and fight for this democracy, fight for this country. Understand that if we’re going to have a better America, it’s going to depend on what each and every one of you do … On Sunday night, […]

RCDP Executive Committee Meeting May 9, 2019, 7:00 PM

The Roane County Democratic Party will have an Executive Committee meeting at the Greenwood School. April meeting – committee work regarding the newly elected party organization and upcoming events. All RCDP meetings are open.