State of the Union 2022

Release: TNDP Demands To See The Maps

Contact: Brit Bender, Executive Director Tennessee Democratic Party 319 Plus Park Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217 Office: (615) 327-9779 For Immediate Release December 8, 2021: “Where are the maps?” - TNDP Demands to See Newly Drawn Maps As More Legislators...

December Holiday Gathering

YOU ARE INVITED! Roane County Democrats December Holiday Gathering……Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021 ​​​Greenwood School 7:00 pm ​​​​726 Greenwood St., Kingston, TN This year we are doing a Cake & Coffee and Wine and Cheese event…… Please bring something to share with your...

How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Jump on the phone and take Two BIG Bites out of the Elephant this week… HOT INFO TO SHARE: Calling and Emailing Senators Manchin and Sinema - Happening right now! There are crucial bills in Congress right now that would...

Roane County “Blues” Quarterly Newsletter September 2021

Energetic and exuberant, Vickey Shubert Beard is a positive life force to be reckoned with! The Roane County Democrats are lucky she retired from her work and chose to focus on growing our “blue dot in a red county!” Her important contributions include igniting our...

Biggest threat to America? Not terrorism but apathy, expert says

[O]ne of the biggest threats to American democracy right now isn’t nuclear war or terrorism, but the growing narcissism and nihilism of the public, says Tom Nichols. Nichols, an instructor at Harvard Extension School and the U.S. Naval War College, recently released...

Labor Day Picnic Cancelled

The Roane County Democrats sadly announce that our annual Labor Day picnic will be cancelled for September 6, 2021 due to the rising COVID 19 infections.  It is our hope to have another event in the fall if the numbers improve.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nashville doctor announces Democratic gubernatorial bid

From the Tennessee Lookout: Dr. Jason Martin, a pulmonary and critical care physician at Sumner Regional Medical Center, has made official what’s been rumored for months: He’s running for governor. Martin made the announcement at Meharry Hospital in Nashville Monday...

Democratic Candidates for Governor - Debate Tuesday June 19th - at 6pm Central time Representative Craig Fitzhugh and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean Location: Belmont University McAffee Concert Hall Open to Public -- tickets required -- A limited number are...

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Labor Day Picnic - Almost Here -
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These images are a triumph of human curiosity, engineering, genius, and passion. They are not only gorgeous but also incredibly scientifically important. And the goal to learn more about our universe invariably results in spin-off technologies that improve human life — innovations that frankly likely wouldn’t have been developed in our lifetimes otherwise.

We can and must empower ever-greater understanding of our world by championing public institutions like NASA.

Again, there is a link in the comments regarding spin-off technologies to help people see the crucially important, real-world benefits of supporting scientific research in general and of NASA in particular.

Please share the links!

Go Webb!