State of the Union 2022

A Note from Mary Mancini

Republicans REFUSE to Expand Medicaid in Tennessee... AGAIN! Gov. Bill Haslam made another push for Medicaid expansion in Tennessee, but just like before, a handful of extremist Republicans nixed the idea. This time, it was killed in secret in a closed-door meeting....

Matt Reel Candidate for Tennessee’s 7th District

Meet Matt A life of Service and Dedication As both a Special Forces Green Beret and public servant, Matt is a 5th generation Tennessean who comes from a long line of servicemembers, preachers, teachers and farmers. He has dedicated his life to continuing his family’s...

How Democrats can wipe out the GOP and fix America

by Ryan Cooper via With their huge improvements in special elections across the country, it looks increasingly probable that Democrats will win big in the 2018 midterms, and perhaps take control of both Congress and the presidency in 2020. That raises a...

Expand Medicaid Now! by Craig Fitzhugh Tennessee has forfeited nearly $4 billion of our own tax money that instead has gone to other states because the General Assembly refuses to expand Medicaid. Their refusal was a political move that had real-world consequences not only for...

Karl Dean visits Kingston

Karl Dean, the former mayor of Nashville and candidate for Governor of the great state of Tennessee, will be in Kingston at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, March 24 at the Greenwood School, 726 Greenwood St. We hope to see everyone there! from Karl Dean's website: [..I...

Family Promise of Roane County

Family Promise of Roane County

of Roane County Annual Rummage Sale Kingston Church of Christ Family Center120 West Spring Street April 6 & 7 from 9am till 3pm each day Taking Donations on Tuesday & Wednesday between the hours of 10:00-3:00 & 6:30-7:30 on both days. Please note: We do not take......

Morgan County Democratic Party Rally

Tuesday march 20th at 7:00pm est. Morgan County Democratic Party will host a meeting and RALLY. Speakers will be Danielle Mitchell, John Mark Windell, Campaign manager for Karl Dean "Courtney Wheeler", Bredesen will have someone speaking as well. Food and drink will...

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Roane County Democratic Party Monthly Meeting

Meeting at 7:00 PM
2nd Thursday of each month at
The Greenwood School
726 Greenwood St.
Kingston, TN



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Roane Democrats
These images are a triumph of human curiosity, engineering, genius, and passion. They are not only gorgeous but also incredibly scientifically important. And the goal to learn more about our universe invariably results in spin-off technologies that improve human life — innovations that frankly likely wouldn’t have been developed in our lifetimes otherwise.

We can and must empower ever-greater understanding of our world by championing public institutions like NASA.

Again, there is a link in the comments regarding spin-off technologies to help people see the crucially important, real-world benefits of supporting scientific research in general and of NASA in particular.

Please share the links!

Go Webb!